Shine On

Shine forth your crystallized light beams,
Touching, assisting more than it seems.
Reflecting sun rays, bursting through seams.
Past the horizon of cosmic means.

The oceans stillness mirrors inner states,
When it’s realized its choice not fate.
That we have the power to create.
Ego grasps at control, using it as bate.

Shadows, attached to the body, the reflection.
The light body casts out the darkness, the rejection.
In all the process the soul sees the perfection.
Integration with the third eye, the inception.

Rainbow light spectrum creates dance of energies,
Aligns chakras, downloading cosmic memories.
Listen to collective consciousness brings reveries.
In those daydreams we unlock soul treasuries.

~ Angie Mammoliti


No Longer Searching For Now Am Found 

All that I have been reading, has started activating
Into one,
I once looked externally, the searching is now done.
Turned to religious systems, teachers, and mystics.
All fell short, they were still systems, they were critics,

Of the vast potential of the individual soul
Dimming our light, questioning our role,
Through controls set in place, keeping us separated.
Having us turn to others when we’re already integrated

All you need is inside, residing in your higher self.
Learn to let go of the ego’s grip, cast it to the shelf,
To achieve peace eternally, first find in internally.
By just being, being fluid, being carefree.
Makes me question, how wasn't this me?

The love goes flowingly through the veins,
When seeing true peace does reign.
Unconditional love forever more,
Remove the veils, open up the door. 

The vast potential of you,
Is found in this truth.
It is time to get over this bend,
So we can unify and transcend.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Who am I?

I looked back at my journey, looked back at my past. I smiled at how far I have come. I contemplated how much I have changed, how much I have grown, especially in the last several months. I saw a huge transformation. I have been peeling off the layers, removing the belief systems and purging the fears. Than all of the sudden, the reality of the individualized personality was felt. Than I thought to myself, who is left after all the layers has been removed? Who am I? Where has the personality of the ‘I’ gone? I began to contemplate this and a slight fear creped in. It felt as if there was a loss of identity. Initially I began to grasp at the sense of identity, began to panic as it slipped through my fingers. Who will I be if I loose who I thought I was? Then the ego raged on…"This is what it means when your friends have been saying to you lately that you have changed. They are right. Although I am happy with the changes, who am I now?” This all happened in a matter of a minute, while I sat their pondering. I then began to let go, let go of the fears, let go of the sense of self.

At first, there remained that slight feeling of loss of control and then what followed is best described as a sense of complete liberation. The individualized and compartmentalized of my personality was dying, I was letting it all go, freeing myself from my body, liberating my soul. I now asked, “Who am I?” I heard a response that was crystal clear, however this time; it was my authentic self that was answering, “I am that I am.” I knew this before, on both the mind and soul level. However, now it was felt with every fabric of my being. The oneness of us all was what was coursing through my veins. I am just that…I am that I am. I am meaning I exist in the moment, the I am presence of the present moment. I am by just being. I am that I am, I am another you. I am one with you; you and I are intertwined in a dance of oneness, an unconditional loving embrace where all personalities cease to exist. We are the quiet and serene dance of a complete whole, the exuberant and lively dance of the oneness. We are all, for I am that I am.

~ Angie Mammoliti


The Possibility of the Big C is the Certainty to See the Big We

The possibility of the having cancer, “the big C”, showed me the certainty to see the big we…that we all are a Big Circle. How one decides to see that circle is their choice. Do they see with the lens of truth, that we really are One, one complete circle, with no beginning, and no end? On a soul level, we are timeless, we go on to infinity. Or does one view the life circle as a hamster on a wheel, caught in a constant loop with no way out?

The decision really made me observe the inner states that arose from the possibility of having this disease. All these emotions ranged from sadness, balling at the idea of ‘leaving’ to relief that I may get to ‘leave’ this dense world. Judgement of the health care system, not thoroughly assessing me, to judgement of myself that I may not have assisted all that I agreed to. Worry of how the next month would unfold, waiting the answer, to peace with whatever may happen and that everything really does serve all involved. To fear and attachment to how might I have to cope? How might my family and friends have to cope?  To unconditional love of my family, my friends, my ‘enemies’, to all other beings in existence, to all the plant and animal life. 

Peace is reached in the stillness of the moment, the stillness of the now, the stillness is reached when connecting to the soul, asking the higher self to align and bring the lesson and the peace. Asking enlightened beings for their assistance in this time. Stillness is reached when realizing that even in this time, my being can find the peace to say “excuse me” to a fly that kept coming around, and “thank-you”, to it when it departed. Even in this time, my being can find the flavour of a beverage that was once repulsive, and taste it in a new way, enjoying its delicious notes. That even in this time, what is appreciated is the now; the now exists no matter what the vehicle is experiencing. It lives on, whether our vehicle does or not. For we are eternal etheric beings, and this body is merely a temporary vessel, harbouring our personality, the role we chose to play in this game. Our soul is free of judgement, free of attachment to this life or its experiences. It is with my soul that I chose to speak to you. Whether my vehicle decides to check out, know with all my being that my soul will send assistance to all my brothers and sisters in Gaia. That my brothers and sisters and I residing in another planet that is in the 7th dimension, and all other beings will continue to send earth healing energies. That I am speaking for you to grasp, that the moment is all we have. They call the now the present, because it is a gift. Take this moment and all its future existence of the now, and cherish it.  

~ Angie Mammoliti


Religion Vs. Spirituality

“Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there." Living life fearful of sin, fearful of negative beings and dark entities, and believing that you will burn in a state of fire...what does that do for you? Some pray to a god, to be saved from this "damnation" when they continue to live a "dark life". In reality, many people have suffered intense experiences, pushed forward knowing that this was part of the path. There are no accidents. Our souls have chosen these experiences to grow, and enlighten. Even the dark is part of this game. Instead of judging it, know that it is all part of the plan, each has their own role. We have agreed to participate in it, even if our ego mind does not understand in the moment how we could have agreed to these intensities. We have agreed to experience it all. Instead of living in a fear that someone will judge you and place you in a fiery pit if you haven't agreed to their every wish, know that we are here to JUST BE, to grow, evolve, enlighten and move on, to transcend this hologram and transcend to higher dimensions. Even if you are experiencing what feels like hellish times right now, have the peace in knowing, you have agreed to it ALL. You have agreed to participate in the exchange with other souls that you feel are the "enemies." There are no enemies. We are all one. Roles are illusions, there are no victims. The more this is understood, the more we can let go of the fear and learn that we do not have to suffer anymore. Learn to live from the heart and be free.

~ Angie Mammoliti



Many are quick to judge those that do not fit with their idea of what is "moral" or what society deems as correct. I look around and see misconceptions of our true spirit, clothed in these labels society places upon them. Those that lack compassion, do not see what it’s like to live the world through their windows of their soul, their eyes. Compassion, without pity is essential to connect with one another. The sense of apathy or judgement is what keeps us separated. To reconnect, know what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes, so we can transcend this matrix and learn to fly as one.

~ Angie Mammoliti


I Am that I Am

"I am that, I am." Many look outside of themselves for answers to life's questions, turning to ideologies for comfort and guidance. The wisdom is...the truth lies within. Listen to your own guidance, your own spiritual teacher. You are more powerful than you know. The spiritual teachers of the outer world can offer only guidance, only you have the answers. Listen to your own inner wisdom; follow the synchronicities that arise when you are aware. "I am that I am" is to be present in the moment and to feel with heart resonance. I am one with the all, the I am of you is a reflection of the non-existent "I" for you are me, and I am of you. We are one. Experience life as a game, we are here to ride. To be free is to see that true liberty is to just be.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Courage means to live from the heart. To have courage is to just be, to be your own magnificent you, no matter what is going on around you. Speak your truth, even when your inner critic tries to silence your message with its judgements. Something about your message will bring empowerment to someone, even when you are not aware you are touching them. Your intuition loves when you help another, for in loving guidance it provides you the courage to look in someones eyes and see beyond their mask of the ego, and see their spirit, and in turn your own reflection in this oneness is shown.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Internal Change

Change begins within. For peace to exist in our outer reality, we must first maintain a state of inner peace. Once we accomplish this, it emanates forth, affecting those around us. Each person effects more people than one may know. We are powerful co-creators, capable of vast, great things. Changes will occur on a global scale once enough people embrace this truth and raise their consciousness. Change is now; begin to set forth your truth and light.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Clear Vision

"Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see." We have been programmed to see with limited outlooks set by institutions like religion, media, government and education. Often people only see what they have been raised to observe not perceiving with heart resonance. We are told to "think out of the box" by these very same systems that demand conformity. They do not want you to think and act in our true nature which is love and unity. Thinking outside of the box creates anarchy for these systems, for souls would be in their true free state. These boxes they speak of are social constructs designed to keep people tied to them. Instead of thinking outside of the box, view with awakened eyes of love to the truth, that there really are no boxes.

~ Angie Mammoliti