From Reincarnation to Resurrection 

I see through my iris, ask do you know who I was? Queen Isis.
Viewing with my third eye that is vastly eternal.
Consciousness is rising through the kundalini internal.
Looking through the eyes of Isis knowing there was a crisis.  
Called upon assistance from distant beings, first resisted.

Agreed for their intervention, the prevention of her dissension ,
To a lowered powered state, instead the goal was to dominate.
Now worshipped as a Goddess for her ascension was creation.  
Partnership in unity, queen of fertility.
The new found power was vital, the prestige, the title,

Present day, dealing with the judgement stemming from that lifetime.
How can Egypt be mystical to me if I performed such crimes?  
Connected to the country like consciousness to the collective,
Beginning to remove the veils, seeing the past with new perspective.
Clarity to see that lifetime was a mere aspect of me.

A role I chose to play with, to serve my soul .
It is taking its tole, time to check Akashic scrolls.
To solidify what we experience, clear, and enlighten
Bringing forth inner states, observe the ones that tighten,  

Around the soul, creating negative states, becoming irate.
Freeing from these shackles, releasing, loosing the weight.
So I can fly on Isis' wings, being at peace soaring and rising.
Like the Phoenix, there is no death, just ascension, multiplying.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Mater Deceivers 

Satan is a creation of their imagination.
They remove your inner powers and replace them,
With lies, contrived to create hostile inner states and
Attempt to separate from the inner love from above.
Sent by our higher self, our holy spirit embodied dove.
Live backwards spells evil, backward living is evil.
When ones asleep, sends our higher self into upheaval.
The systems control the masses by this retrieval.
To instill this fear now is inconceivable, deceivers.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Breaking Through, Revealing the Soul Within

I see beyond the cracked smoked mirrors of deceit,
While I walk past the uphill trek, that's a feat.
Keep hearing pitter patter of the ego, trying to break though,
But I'm not allowing the shadow self to consume too.

Setting a path for the higher self to take the lead.
While the ego tries to take another bite, waiting to feed.
Accepting the over flowing moment of the present,
Connects a bond to the eternal like the moon beyond the crescent.

Shining forth past the barriers created to enclose the soul.
Acting as if we are separated when we really are whole.
Bursting through the illusions and masked portions of identity.
Creating an unified, authentic and fulfilled entity.

No longer allowing others misconception to define,
What I hold so dear as my whole, that is sublime.
Being true, just being, experiencing and releasing,
Allowing to be in the everflowing now is increasing.

Behold flashes of light, guiding me to fulfil my mission.
Having the courage to face the challenges of the opposition.
Strength to push forth my assistance with my voice
There are different paths, however this is my choice.

To assist those whose speech are silenced by their internal noise,
By the fear in the hearts caused by their succumbed poise.
To the will of society's quest to separate.
Now we're bringing them together for oneness to integrate.

~ Angie Mammoliti

I is Thy 

When one realizes that our mind, the A.I.,
Has been living in an illusionary lie.
Some say it is too pie in the sky,
That to truly be free is to fly,
On the wings of truth that thy,
Is but a reflection of the “I.”

~ Angie Mammoliti


Breaking Down the Heart Walls

Break down the heart walls
See them crumble, see them fall
Feel the unification of us all.
Experience the heart chakra opening to limitless potential.
Expanding, filling all of space
Connecting to the higher self is essential
For this universal love to take place.

~ Angie Mammoliti