The World is Chaotic: Peace, Love and Truth are the Antibiotics

Looking at the world, the apparent sickness is psychotic.

Some refute that change is needed, they are robotic.

Believing illusions are truths, falling under the hypnotic.

They live without questioning, it's so chaotic.

Not seeing past appearances, the truth of semiotics.

Giving their power away to the rulers, the despotic.

They believe their country defines them, being patriotic.

You show them the illusions of the world, the idiotic.

That the true essence of who we really are is symbiotic.

Our beingness is fluidity, flowing in the aquatic.

The sleepers call the awake dreamers, that we are quixotic.

Press on, for love, peace and truth are the true antibiotics.


The Real Me/We

When that night comes in which I fully listen to my soul,
on the day, I will  be back home. ~ Angie Mammoliti  

The truth was blinded, now I see,
All there is lies inside of me.
In days that were shadowed in dark,
There still lived a glistening spark.
Reminding me of the truth so profound:
No need to seek, for I am found.

We live thinking the I is the real you.
We are programmed to see these lies as true.
Then the mirror reflects the fragmented self.
When we react, not placing ego on the shelf.
Reflection of a personality, not the real being.
The isness, the totality of me, now I'm seeing.
For now I look in the mirror, what do I see?
My essence, my soul, looking back at me.  

The windows have been cleansed,
We can see within the soul.
For when we really look into the eyes of the other,
We can view life from their souls perspective.
Only then can we feel what they feel.
Only then can we understand them through compassion.
For we all hurt, we all fall, we all need help.
Have you ever looked into the eyes of the other and saw your refelction in their iris?
Now look deeper into their eyes. You will find you in their soul.

~ Angie Mammoliti   

Peace, Free of Beliefs, Is Our Natural State

Have the mind to open up your heart,
Have the heart to open up your mind,
The choice is to either stay blind, or be the truth and redefine.
~Angie Mammoliti

Who are you? You are a limitless soul. It is our mind that wants to chain us to restrictions of belief systems, to define us by our 'roles.' You are not your religion, your tradition, your culture. This is not what defines you. It separates you. These roles were purposely created by the elite to cause a feeling of separation from one another so people could be blinded to the nature of our reality. At a soul level, we are limitless potential, limitless love. It is our mind that believes we are these roles that we were indoctrinated since birth. Many do not question these roles, and continue life as such. They further this reality by programming their children with the same restrictive beliefs. To awaken from this dream, see the truth, the key is in our own hands. It is the key to liberate us from these control systems. No one can free your mind but you. Take the key and unlock yourself from the shackles of doctrine. We have been slaves for far too long. Fly with the are a supreme being of love. It's time we all started to awaken to this truth. We are limitless love. It's time we started acting it.    

Truth doesn't preach nor does it try to enforce its will on people. Truth does not assume to know what the role of any one soul is nor assume where they are on the path. It is not a belief system passed down from others through scriptures, opinions, and gurus. Truth is simply the truth. It's experienced through heart resonance, through ego-less experience. It's the soul speaking to you saying quietly, "Hey you remembered, thanks."
Peace and love is our natural state, it is us at our true form.  Anger and hate comes from conditions of the outer, created for us to feel within. This is our deception, this is the lie. We can awaken to the truth once we detach from the belief that is who we are. Who are we? Ask that and listen to the answer. Do you hear peace? That is it. We are peace. How beautiful is it to know we are peace? So often we feel the opposite. The true intention of the systems do not want us to feel that peace. We have been programed by society to silence the peace, to always listen to the noise: the inner mind chatter or the noise of outer distraction. To be truly awake, is to deprogram yourself from these belief systems. To be truly 'awake' is to remember this truth and come from a heart centered state, not an ego centered need to prove yourself.  In the truth, we are peace.
Be peace. Be love. Go and allow that to permeate the planet.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Resist What is, or Accept the Now and Persist

The peace within is expanding, the truth is revealing, the fear is minimizing and the perspective has been shifted. ~ Angie Mammoliti

You may look back at the past and see the shadows of regrets and fears. You do not exist there so, move beyond that moment. It was a time when consciousness was different, a time where the past kept repeating itself like the movie, "ground hog day." It was a time in which fears occupied the mind with its delusions and preoccupations. Why relive those moments like a repeated looped scene from a movie? You have moved beyond those delusions and live in the now, the present. Why carry the baggage of the past and make that your present in the present? Give the present your own present of your presence, your full attention. Make it your mantra to be an ever changing you and grow from the past. Do not remain stagnant from the mold of the memories. Flourish in your essence in this moment. You can't help but grow, so might as well learn from life's lessons, instead of repeating them and making the, "why me?" attitude your soundtrack.

The fire is inside waiting to emit the light. It burns to release all that is held within. It lights the way for the darkness to dissipate. The fire keeps the flame in motion, the flicker and the wick react to the subtle winds. These winds bring change and the air breaths fluidity. With each inhale we are made anew. The light is guiding us into the realm of movement, the realm of creation. The flame creates the change that transmutes the match from a stagnant object, to a fire. We are this wick, burning with our essence. We are the light that transmutes us from a stagnant match to a lit wick. The love that guides us is the passion that burns bright. Be the fire and blaze ahead with your light.

Live as if it is the night of the righteous, the dawn of the enlightened, the summer of the sun dance kisses, singing in the moonlight.

It’s the sun break beyond the dark night of the soul, the rays have shone on the truth: change is now. The shift is occuring now. There is no need to wait.

~ Angie Mammoliti

Some Are Intimidated by Your Light

Some feel threatened by your light and they feel cast in your shadow. They may respond to this by attacking you or retracting from you. It is your response to this that is the key in moving forward. Do you play small in order to maintain this relation to this individual? Or do you stay authentic to the real you and blast light ahead anyway? It is their 'stuff', their insecurities that create this retraction. The truth is found in your response of loving acceptance to what is, not to what you wish were. The powerlessness they may feel is their own soul agreement and by you being true to your beingness, you are assisting them by continuing to be you. If you feel compelled to share truth and be unconditionally loving in a world where few around you may be doing the same, that is when it is important to shine even brighter. You are being guided to be authentic, even when those around you have forgotten we really are this truth. They may have bought into this 3D reality, and they get caught up in the doing, living from a mind centred state instead of a heart centred way of being. That is fine, that is their choice. Stay true to the brilliance of authenticity and be you, regardless if you feel like the lone wolf. Soon enough the light will shine forth and the other wolves in your wolf pack will find you. Let live and let be those that feel threatened by your light, for their powerlessness they feel is their soul lesson. You came here to lead, so be grand in this light. Play big, do not stay small and shine on, regardless who is threatened by their self created shadowed state.

~Angie Mammoliti