Speaking Truth Beyond
the Distractions

While the world is in a constant state of upheaval, the media attempts to keep people distracted by placing hate agendas on whistle blowers. People are questioning frivolous things like Charlie Sheen's 'sanity', while the systems create the distractions and try to shut him up and other alike for speaking against false flag operations like 911.This is a time where people need to rise up and speak their truth about the real agendas of the elite.The agendas continue to occur, while the people are kept distracted and passive. For those that see through the lies and stand up against them, they may be called conspiracy theorists or even be accused of being part of the Illuminiti, the very thing they speak against (such as truther, David Icke) or even be mocked, threatened and assaulted. Whatever may happen, the truth cannot be silenced, especially in these wonderful times where so many are awakening to it. The truth cannot be silenced, for it comes from light, and no matter how the dark attempts to dim the light, truth shines on. Show no fear and speak the truth, for it does not serve to bury one’s head in the sand. In the words of David Icke,"The earth needs rebels." Become a leader of the love revolution: speak truth and light, no matter who tries to silence you.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Power to the Peaceful

We need to remember...power to the peaceful. We need to remember this, especially in these days where they have started forcefully shutting down the Occupy Movement in certain cities. They may have closed them down, however you cannot stop an idea, you cannot stop a movement of peace, you cannot stop a movement of change. The wheels are in motion. The Occupy Movement is a stepping stone for what’s yet to come, a step into a new direction where people claim their power back as sovereign beings. Sovereign not just from the grip of government and the tyranny of a money system, they will be sovereign beings, free souls in the truest sense of the word. Free to just be in our true authentic state of unconditional love and peace.

Power to the peaceful, for they are the ones that welcome change, for they see things for what they really are, and understand the urgency for change. They see how to work towards the change, they show others that they too can change. And most importantly, they exemplify; to be the change. They understand that for the external world to change, there most be an internal change, for as you emanate peace, you affect those around you.

Power to the peaceful, for even when faced with the brutality of the police, they remain centred in peace, and do not retaliate with the same lowered vibration of anger and fear.

Power to the peaceful, that even if the Illuminati did start the Occupy Movement in attempt to excuse the force of NWO, or when informants tried to taint the Occupy Movement, the peaceful remained neutral. The peaceful remained centred to the truth that change happens in higher vibrations of unconditional love, does not succumb to fear, and does not get lost in the perhaps corrupt agenda of some occupy members. The peaceful see the movement as an opportunity for unity, an opportunity to show the world that there is a better way.

Power to the peaceful, that even at a time where the Occupy Movement is coming to an end, they do not see an end to the movement, they see that movement as fluidity, with no beginning and no end. Power to the peaceful, for they see the power in the moment, the importance of the now. Power to the peaceful, for they will continue to act as catalysts for change, pushing through man made barriers and beliefs.  Power to the peaceful, for they will continue to just be, to be their magnificent light, shining a path for all to walk on. Power to the peaceful, for they will bring in this new world of change, and assist those who are scared to make those necessary changes. Power to the peaceful….for they are unconditional love.

~  Angie Mammoliti


From Attachment to Freedom

Who wants to live forever?
When we live with these endeavours,
Consciousness that currently tethers,
Until we break free from ego and seather,

The attachment to our situation,
That limits our powerful creation,
That suppresses our inherent elation,
Time to shift, it’s now preparation,

For the shift that is now occurring,
In the soul, need for change is stirring,
In being, see belief systems turning,
From closed off boxes to freedom yearning,

On limitless potential, we are soaring,
On wings of oneness, love is pouring,
On each soul, from dusk to morning.
No longer meek, for love is roaring.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Authentic Self

Cracking open, revealing the authentic me.
In union, not fragmented the way I used to be.
Look deep, past the mask of the ego, what do you see?
The higher self encompassing the collective we.

Letting go of concepts learned since beginning of days.
Shedding belief systems of the contrived ways.
This confusion that kept us submissive in a maze.
With no way out, until clearing this craze.

Soaring on the wings of freedom, taking flight.
Shining on with the magcnificant eternal light.
The dark entities try as they might.
Can’t dim the radiance, it is too bright.

It’s a playground, we choose what we create.
With other souls for growth, not a god created fate.
In a peaceful unconditional loving state.
Transcend into the new world, it’s not too late.

Staying centered listening to internal voice.
Instead of being misguided by the minds loud noise.
Love or fear, it all boils down to that choice.
Rid attachements, relational and material toys.

~ Angie Mammoliti

Internal Healing

Remember that we are all perfect in the experience of the moment, even if we are experiencing hardships and pain, they are lessons we chose for growth. To heal oneself, first apply no judgement to the situation, see it for what it is: an experience, and a valuable moment in lesson and growth. Refrain from the instant reactions of fear and anger. Stay in our true state which is peace and unconditional love. View the situation with awakened eyes to the truth: you are creating this all…moment by moment. If your soul chooses to change the situation, your soul will choose another experience. Remember the mind and the soul may want different things. The mind will not want to suffer; it may stay in fear of the situation and want to quickly change the circumstances. The soul knows what is of the highest good for your growth and enlightenment.

We are powerful creators, and the beauty of the universe dwells in the magnificent abode of the internal. Seek within to find the answers, for we are not meek as we have been taught to believe. We can answer our own questions; we do not need to look externally for them. We do not need an outside force to validate our authentic power, for when we place our faith on an outside force, it dims our bright light.  All that you have searched for resides in you. Connect to your higher self, the loving non judging voice of your intuition. Once you are aligned with this wonderful friend, you can step back into your spendid power, claiming it as yours once again.

We have forgotten who we really are, looking outwards for this validation. The external forces have purposely created diversions and distractions to keep us meek and weak, so we can forget the truth of who we really are. Claim your authenticity back!! To connect with healing powers that already reside in you, state, “For my highest good”, and your soul will align you on the path with what it needs at the moment to thrive, not just survive.

You set forth your own light on your journey. Do you shine forth beams of light, illuminating your path so you can journey with awakened eyes to your authentic truth? Or do you allow only elements of light to seep through, casting shadows as you walk on the path, fogging your vision with delusions of lies? The choice is yours.

~ Angie Mammoliti



Judging others based on your own experience creates waves in relationships with one another. Your experience is unique to you and not a model on how others ‘should’ behave. When you project your experience onto others, you do not allow them to voice their own. When you choke their opinions with your insistence that you are correct, this does not come from a place of love, it comes from ego. It comes from attachment to personal experience, not from the others’ presence in the present moment. Allow the other the fluidity of just being. Allow their authentic self to emerge from the waters, being true to their own experiences. There are no right and wrongs… only being.

~ Angie Mammoliti


Who We Mourn 

We live in a world where some ‘mourn’ the loss of souls in which they feel they have benefited from. Some pay no mind to the ‘disposable’ ones…the poor, the desolate, the ones that when passed on the street those eyes lower to avoid looking into the windows of their soul. This matrix has created such programs in which we sensationalize the sensational, while becoming desensitized to the real issues at hand. This is done on purpose to continue to keep the individual locked into a lower vibration, to dim our powerful shining light. To separate us from who we think we are(the ego) and who we really are(beautiful souls) People line up for the new Iphone, while others are banning together and representing the 99% at “Occupy”. We are taught to consume, but how much of this is necessary? What point do we say, “This is not our true authentic unconditionally loving state.” What point do we say, “ENOUGH!” The question is, do you remember the soul for who they were in their true authentic state, or do you mourn them for how they benefited you? The choice is yours.

~ Angie Mammoliti