Authentic Self

Cracking open, revealing the authentic me.
In union, not fragmented the way I used to be.
Look deep, past the mask of the ego, what do you see?
The higher self encompassing the collective we.

Letting go of concepts learned since beginning of days.
Shedding belief systems of the contrived ways.
This confusion that kept us submissive in a maze.
With no way out, until clearing this craze.

Soaring on the wings of freedom, taking flight.
Shining on with the magcnificant eternal light.
The dark entities try as they might.
Can’t dim the radiance, it is too bright.

It’s a playground, we choose what we create.
With other souls for growth, not a god created fate.
In a peaceful unconditional loving state.
Transcend into the new world, it’s not too late.

Staying centered listening to internal voice.
Instead of being misguided by the minds loud noise.
Love or fear, it all boils down to that choice.
Rid attachements, relational and material toys.

~ Angie Mammoliti
3/26/2012 11:14:03 am

This is lovely. Thank you.

3/27/2012 03:56:32 am

Brilliant and Beautiful, just like you, Angie! Thank you for your gift!


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