Beyond False Human love, Exists the Truth of Divine Love

For the times I hurt, for the times I cry, for the times I see only despair inside,
For the times of joy for the times of fear for the times I keep only the negative near,
For the times of love for the times of bliss, for the times I feel beyond the eternal kiss,
For in these times I see the truth: it's time to find the lesson in the renewed. 

In truth, I remember and I see:
You are another facet of me.
In this remembrance I let it be,
For I chose to love  myself unconditionally. ~ Angie Mammoliti

Behold, love does exist beyond the minds beliefs of restrictions, constrictions and limitations. We all posses this ability to see beyond societal declarations of false romantic love. We all posses the capability to be this truth when we look within and remember who we are at a soul level, light. This light is what we are and who we are. We tend to forget this as we get caught up in daily routines, as we become hardened by life and as we get lost in the mind chatter. Free yourself from who you think you are and be reborn to who you know yourself to always be. This 'love', that silly romantic songs and movies speak of, is a false projection from the matrix, created to further enslave people into the illusions of this reality. This 'love' is conditional and separates us from our true nature which is unconditional. 'Romantic love' is an illusion for it sets up expectations and conditions. This is not who we are. Be what few dare to re remember, but who we all are the soul level. Be that love for all regardless who you think they are, for that is an illusion as well. Strip down their personality and ego and see them for who they really are: the love that you give freely. So, love like we you are  free from  these shackles. Be that unconditional loving essence of our origin. Be the catalyst in another's life. Be the illuminating force of assistance that guides others. Be true love of the undying you that exists beyond this existence.

As you love unconditionally, expect to get back conditions from others. Many have not de-programmed themselves from their belief systems of separation and guarding. The key is not to let it harden you, not to judge the situation, and see all as an experience. It is an example of growth, and the soul smiles when you love divinely, and when you open up to the vulnerability that is you. In the meantime, enjoy the truth of this love that comes from being awake. Do not remain angered at those who provide flighty human love, for that comes from an asleep state. We will all awaken eventually. Love without conditions while the world awakens from their slumber.
~ Angie Mammoliti

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