Breaking Down the Heart Walls and Living by the Heart

"There's a whisper amongst the shadows:
The tides are a changing...
The perfection has been seen through the chaos.
The game has been flipped.
The seriousness has been lightened.
The truth has been felt.
There is nothing to fear."  ~ Angie Mammoliti

Bring peace to the heart with the memories of love, with the fondness of appreciation. Seek not to sooth the wounds, for soothing is not serving. Be in that feeling and taste its depth. Release the toxins and do not hold onto the pains for pain poisons the soul. The walls around the heart are forged brick by brick with each repressed emotion.

Break through these bricks by primarily making it visible...shine your light on it. Once the forged bricks are illuminated by your light, you are able to break through the walls with your love. Love the bricks for they served you well, your ego did its job in protecting you. Now it's time to not just live life by being 'careful', it's time for just BEING. Being you, in all its layers, authenticity, free of your heart walls. It does not serve to hide behind a wall that you created.

It's time to shine by being open, walless, completely naked. Yes, that causes one to be vulnerable, but that is true living, for to love without self created restrictions is a life truly lived. These walls are self created prisons. Free yourself from your cell. You have the key to unlock yourself...and the golden key is trusting that love is the only way.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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