Breaking Through, Revealing the Soul Within

I see beyond the cracked smoked mirrors of deceit,
While I walk past the uphill trek, that's a feat.
Keep hearing pitter patter of the ego, trying to break though,
But I'm not allowing the shadow self to consume too.

Setting a path for the higher self to take the lead.
While the ego tries to take another bite, waiting to feed.
Accepting the over flowing moment of the present,
Connects a bond to the eternal like the moon beyond the crescent.

Shining forth past the barriers created to enclose the soul.
Acting as if we are separated when we really are whole.
Bursting through the illusions and masked portions of identity.
Creating an unified, authentic and fulfilled entity.

No longer allowing others misconception to define,
What I hold so dear as my whole, that is sublime.
Being true, just being, experiencing and releasing,
Allowing to be in the everflowing now is increasing.

Behold flashes of light, guiding me to fulfil my mission.
Having the courage to face the challenges of the opposition.
Strength to push forth my assistance with my voice
There are different paths, however this is my choice.

To assist those whose speech are silenced by their internal noise,
By the fear in the hearts caused by their succumbed poise.
To the will of society's quest to separate.
Now we're bringing them together for oneness to integrate.

~ Angie Mammoliti
Sandy Hagen
2/8/2012 01:01:19 pm

and of course, we are ALL cracked pots
oft taken over by our own infernal noise
talking to our muses
with hope ever eternal in our days
we forge on with love and duty and heart
to make a better tomorrow for the world


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