Calling All Spiritual Warriors, The Time is Now

The earth is on fire, no one can save it but you.
Show the world the fire burns in you too.
They believe all that they are taught is true.
Alleviate their pain, show them what they can do.
They are the leaders and fighters of the world that’s new.
They can bring love into this world once they follow the clues.

Be their guide and show the truth in the red pill.
Teach them that love can flow onto others and spill.
Let be the things in your life that left a chill.
Reminding how strong and admirable is their will.
The enlightenment they seek is not found on that hill.
It’s found by unravelling untruths that they kill.

Love them, they’re the ones that will be the makers,
They will be the changers, and the shakers.
They think out of the box, they’re the rule breakers,
Punished for being themselves, not adhering to fakers,
Their soul roams free upon the acres.
Living by impulse, not following the takers.

It’s time to rise above all that’s left to combust.
No longer just thinking of change, now change is a must.
By warrior creed, defending all that’s just,
Complete the target of life and learn to adjust.
Alcamize unconditional love that was once lust,
Becoming the glistening gold from what was once dust.

Remember to shine through this and be that love.
It’s that love that guides them from up above.
The inner peace that’s symbolized by the dove,
Some can be reminded; others need a bit of a shove,
Some will box right beside you, others need kid gloves.
This is what spiritual warriors are made of.

Their stir for change that some reprimand,
This courage to be authentic is grand.
It’s time to wake up and reclaim the land.
This is the time to rise and to take a stand.
Lead by leaving your footprints in the sand.
Let’s make a new world, raise voices and hands.

~ Angie Mammoliti
8/21/2012 09:36:25 pm

So very beautiful, true and inspiring...Blessings BE for the precious soul that IS she...the angel called Angie! =) LOVE!!!

Buff Ey , aka: Michael301 'Brett" Baker & Dark Cloud
10/13/2012 06:26:45 am

glad i found you..from my world in Lost Altus (OK) America- to yours> in lakech....& "Let the Mystery Shine of It's Own Light."- might help..<grin>


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