The World is Chaotic: Peace, Love and Truth are the Antibiotics

Looking at the world, the apparent sickness is psychotic.

Some refute that change is needed, they are robotic.

Believing illusions are truths, falling under the hypnotic.

They live without questioning, it's so chaotic.

Not seeing past appearances, the truth of semiotics.

Giving their power away to the rulers, the despotic.

They believe their country defines them, being patriotic.

You show them the illusions of the world, the idiotic.

That the true essence of who we really are is symbiotic.

Our beingness is fluidity, flowing in the aquatic.

The sleepers call the awake dreamers, that we are quixotic.

Press on, for love, peace and truth are the true antibiotics.


Love and Light, More than Just Words, Speak Your Truth

Speak beyond words of love and light,
While turning a blind eye to the truth in plain sight,
Of the systems intentions to take away our rights.
Dispel the fear they try to take flight.
Speak out, this is our birthright.
Question the fight, with awakened sight.
For us to ascend, we must unite.
In true conscious love and light.

~ Angie Mammoliti