Guide, but Do Not Carry

As you walk along the path of light, some may attempt to walk along with you. As they walk, they may see that the inner path is harder then they first thought. Refrain from wanting to carry them on the inner road. It is their path to walk. You can guide them, you can nudge to the way, but it is their path. If in fear they run away from the road, refrain from following them. When and if they are meant to walk again on the path they will. It is their journey. With love, we allow them to walk it the bumpy off beat road they may take. Just continue to blaze ahead. You may not know, but by the sheer fact of walking in light, you are leaving markers for people to follow. You are leaving footprints for them to be guided with. The path is illuminated by your light. Take flight. Spread your wings and those that are meant to, will fly with you.

You cannot save people. Some will seek to be saved by those with open hearts and open minds. Refrain from being open to their victim hood. You can guide, with love. You can show them the possible way to healing, but you cannot carry them. For people to be saved, they need to primarily see, there is nothing to be saved from. It is all an illusion. Then, if they wish to perceive the truth, that they... ...are seeking a healing, then they must turn inside and tune in to their higher self. Then, they will let go of their victim mentality when they see...they chose this all...on a soul level. It is their mind and attachment to others that seek a sense of salvation from their self proclaimed victim hood. Be the love and if they follow, than that is their choice. If not, allow them to walk their path until if and when they realize shifting their perspective gains them the freedom they are seeking.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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