Internal Healing

Remember that we are all perfect in the experience of the moment, even if we are experiencing hardships and pain, they are lessons we chose for growth. To heal oneself, first apply no judgement to the situation, see it for what it is: an experience, and a valuable moment in lesson and growth. Refrain from the instant reactions of fear and anger. Stay in our true state which is peace and unconditional love. View the situation with awakened eyes to the truth: you are creating this all…moment by moment. If your soul chooses to change the situation, your soul will choose another experience. Remember the mind and the soul may want different things. The mind will not want to suffer; it may stay in fear of the situation and want to quickly change the circumstances. The soul knows what is of the highest good for your growth and enlightenment.

We are powerful creators, and the beauty of the universe dwells in the magnificent abode of the internal. Seek within to find the answers, for we are not meek as we have been taught to believe. We can answer our own questions; we do not need to look externally for them. We do not need an outside force to validate our authentic power, for when we place our faith on an outside force, it dims our bright light.  All that you have searched for resides in you. Connect to your higher self, the loving non judging voice of your intuition. Once you are aligned with this wonderful friend, you can step back into your spendid power, claiming it as yours once again.

We have forgotten who we really are, looking outwards for this validation. The external forces have purposely created diversions and distractions to keep us meek and weak, so we can forget the truth of who we really are. Claim your authenticity back!! To connect with healing powers that already reside in you, state, “For my highest good”, and your soul will align you on the path with what it needs at the moment to thrive, not just survive.

You set forth your own light on your journey. Do you shine forth beams of light, illuminating your path so you can journey with awakened eyes to your authentic truth? Or do you allow only elements of light to seep through, casting shadows as you walk on the path, fogging your vision with delusions of lies? The choice is yours.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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