Making love. How can people make something that so few know what real love is?

"Making love," a term often misused. How can one make something they are not in? Many say they are in love...but are they really?

Love is unconditional and often eludes humans because to be true unconditionally loving is divine. It is possible to be in unconditional love, once we realize we ARE unconditional love, and others are one with you. We have the opportunity to love everyone unconditionally once we embody this truth.

It takes courage to see through the cleansed eyes of love for we have been programmed to numb ourselves with conditions. It is often easier for people to fly aimlessly with surface love and infatuation, for it eases the pain of separation.

To reconnect, we must re remember our full potential, and be that unconditional love we already are. True courage is to express unconditionally, even in a planet where few know or care to be it. Love anyway, for you are being authentic to our souls' true calling. Make love to the unconditional reality of your divine existence.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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