No Longer Searching For Now Am Found 

All that I have been reading, has started activating
Into one,
I once looked externally, the searching is now done.
Turned to religious systems, teachers, and mystics.
All fell short, they were still systems, they were critics,

Of the vast potential of the individual soul
Dimming our light, questioning our role,
Through controls set in place, keeping us separated.
Having us turn to others when we’re already integrated

All you need is inside, residing in your higher self.
Learn to let go of the ego’s grip, cast it to the shelf,
To achieve peace eternally, first find in internally.
By just being, being fluid, being carefree.
Makes me question, how wasn't this me?

The love goes flowingly through the veins,
When seeing true peace does reign.
Unconditional love forever more,
Remove the veils, open up the door. 

The vast potential of you,
Is found in this truth.
It is time to get over this bend,
So we can unify and transcend.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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