Power to the Peaceful

We need to remember...power to the peaceful. We need to remember this, especially in these days where they have started forcefully shutting down the Occupy Movement in certain cities. They may have closed them down, however you cannot stop an idea, you cannot stop a movement of peace, you cannot stop a movement of change. The wheels are in motion. The Occupy Movement is a stepping stone for what’s yet to come, a step into a new direction where people claim their power back as sovereign beings. Sovereign not just from the grip of government and the tyranny of a money system, they will be sovereign beings, free souls in the truest sense of the word. Free to just be in our true authentic state of unconditional love and peace.

Power to the peaceful, for they are the ones that welcome change, for they see things for what they really are, and understand the urgency for change. They see how to work towards the change, they show others that they too can change. And most importantly, they exemplify; to be the change. They understand that for the external world to change, there most be an internal change, for as you emanate peace, you affect those around you.

Power to the peaceful, for even when faced with the brutality of the police, they remain centred in peace, and do not retaliate with the same lowered vibration of anger and fear.

Power to the peaceful, that even if the Illuminati did start the Occupy Movement in attempt to excuse the force of NWO, or when informants tried to taint the Occupy Movement, the peaceful remained neutral. The peaceful remained centred to the truth that change happens in higher vibrations of unconditional love, does not succumb to fear, and does not get lost in the perhaps corrupt agenda of some occupy members. The peaceful see the movement as an opportunity for unity, an opportunity to show the world that there is a better way.

Power to the peaceful, that even at a time where the Occupy Movement is coming to an end, they do not see an end to the movement, they see that movement as fluidity, with no beginning and no end. Power to the peaceful, for they see the power in the moment, the importance of the now. Power to the peaceful, for they will continue to act as catalysts for change, pushing through man made barriers and beliefs.  Power to the peaceful, for they will continue to just be, to be their magnificent light, shining a path for all to walk on. Power to the peaceful, for they will bring in this new world of change, and assist those who are scared to make those necessary changes. Power to the peaceful….for they are unconditional love.

~  Angie Mammoliti

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