Resist What is, or Accept the Now and Persist

The peace within is expanding, the truth is revealing, the fear is minimizing and the perspective has been shifted. ~ Angie Mammoliti

You may look back at the past and see the shadows of regrets and fears. You do not exist there so, move beyond that moment. It was a time when consciousness was different, a time where the past kept repeating itself like the movie, "ground hog day." It was a time in which fears occupied the mind with its delusions and preoccupations. Why relive those moments like a repeated looped scene from a movie? You have moved beyond those delusions and live in the now, the present. Why carry the baggage of the past and make that your present in the present? Give the present your own present of your presence, your full attention. Make it your mantra to be an ever changing you and grow from the past. Do not remain stagnant from the mold of the memories. Flourish in your essence in this moment. You can't help but grow, so might as well learn from life's lessons, instead of repeating them and making the, "why me?" attitude your soundtrack.

The fire is inside waiting to emit the light. It burns to release all that is held within. It lights the way for the darkness to dissipate. The fire keeps the flame in motion, the flicker and the wick react to the subtle winds. These winds bring change and the air breaths fluidity. With each inhale we are made anew. The light is guiding us into the realm of movement, the realm of creation. The flame creates the change that transmutes the match from a stagnant object, to a fire. We are this wick, burning with our essence. We are the light that transmutes us from a stagnant match to a lit wick. The love that guides us is the passion that burns bright. Be the fire and blaze ahead with your light.

Live as if it is the night of the righteous, the dawn of the enlightened, the summer of the sun dance kisses, singing in the moonlight.

It’s the sun break beyond the dark night of the soul, the rays have shone on the truth: change is now. The shift is occuring now. There is no need to wait.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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