View Spirituality with Humour

There is often a misconception when it comes to 'spirituality'.

Spirituality is often viewed as serious, all "kumbaya my lord", or just go and hug a tree. It's much more than mere words, it's more than fluff, and it is does not have to be strict and confining.

When we place 'shoulds' and "shouldn'ts" to spirituality, it creates more belief systems and boxes, thus creating the opposite effect of what true spirituality does. Sprirtuality frees the mind and frees the soul!! It is a state of just being.

A huge part of that beingness is laughter.

Embrace your inner child, don't take you or your life so seriously!

We are here to play.

Laugh a whole lot!

Just be.

~ Angie Mammoliti

11/5/2012 04:43:44 am

Like your comments on humour in spirituality. Would like to recommend an article i just read::


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