The Possibility of the Big C is the Certainty to See the Big We

The possibility of the having cancer, “the big C”, showed me the certainty to see the big we…that we all are a Big Circle. How one decides to see that circle is their choice. Do they see with the lens of truth, that we really are One, one complete circle, with no beginning, and no end? On a soul level, we are timeless, we go on to infinity. Or does one view the life circle as a hamster on a wheel, caught in a constant loop with no way out?

The decision really made me observe the inner states that arose from the possibility of having this disease. All these emotions ranged from sadness, balling at the idea of ‘leaving’ to relief that I may get to ‘leave’ this dense world. Judgement of the health care system, not thoroughly assessing me, to judgement of myself that I may not have assisted all that I agreed to. Worry of how the next month would unfold, waiting the answer, to peace with whatever may happen and that everything really does serve all involved. To fear and attachment to how might I have to cope? How might my family and friends have to cope?  To unconditional love of my family, my friends, my ‘enemies’, to all other beings in existence, to all the plant and animal life. 

Peace is reached in the stillness of the moment, the stillness of the now, the stillness is reached when connecting to the soul, asking the higher self to align and bring the lesson and the peace. Asking enlightened beings for their assistance in this time. Stillness is reached when realizing that even in this time, my being can find the peace to say “excuse me” to a fly that kept coming around, and “thank-you”, to it when it departed. Even in this time, my being can find the flavour of a beverage that was once repulsive, and taste it in a new way, enjoying its delicious notes. That even in this time, what is appreciated is the now; the now exists no matter what the vehicle is experiencing. It lives on, whether our vehicle does or not. For we are eternal etheric beings, and this body is merely a temporary vessel, harbouring our personality, the role we chose to play in this game. Our soul is free of judgement, free of attachment to this life or its experiences. It is with my soul that I chose to speak to you. Whether my vehicle decides to check out, know with all my being that my soul will send assistance to all my brothers and sisters in Gaia. That my brothers and sisters and I residing in another planet that is in the 7th dimension, and all other beings will continue to send earth healing energies. That I am speaking for you to grasp, that the moment is all we have. They call the now the present, because it is a gift. Take this moment and all its future existence of the now, and cherish it.  

~ Angie Mammoliti

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