The Real Me/We

When that night comes in which I fully listen to my soul,
on the day, I will  be back home. ~ Angie Mammoliti  

The truth was blinded, now I see,
All there is lies inside of me.
In days that were shadowed in dark,
There still lived a glistening spark.
Reminding me of the truth so profound:
No need to seek, for I am found.

We live thinking the I is the real you.
We are programmed to see these lies as true.
Then the mirror reflects the fragmented self.
When we react, not placing ego on the shelf.
Reflection of a personality, not the real being.
The isness, the totality of me, now I'm seeing.
For now I look in the mirror, what do I see?
My essence, my soul, looking back at me.  

The windows have been cleansed,
We can see within the soul.
For when we really look into the eyes of the other,
We can view life from their souls perspective.
Only then can we feel what they feel.
Only then can we understand them through compassion.
For we all hurt, we all fall, we all need help.
Have you ever looked into the eyes of the other and saw your refelction in their iris?
Now look deeper into their eyes. You will find you in their soul.

~ Angie Mammoliti   

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