The Voices of The Ego and The Higher Self

_The inner battle begins, you enter the ring,
The voices have been muffled; all they want is to sing.
One’s been the pauper; one’s been the king,
While one’s been in the ditch, the other on wings.  

(The ego speaks),  

“You do all this work so you can kill me?
Understand that I assist you to be.
You and I are part of we.
I am still a voice inside of me.  

Through times of suffering I assist,
Cause you to defend yourself and resist,
The feelings of pain that persist,
Without me a part of you is missed.  

I keep you sheltered, I relish the fear,
I only keep those non-threatening near.
I am the protector, I am the seer.
I wish to be you’re only dear.” 

(The higher self speaks),  

“I am the unconditional love and light,
The one that provides you with awakened sight.
The loving voice that provides no fight,
The supportive force in your dark soul night.  

I am your guiding system during times of need,
The one that provides you with the wisdom seed.
Your inner compass, your personal creed,
Provide you soul food, and wait for you to feed. 

I reside in your heart; I am the voice of your soul.
I provide you peace when life takes its toll.
I allow you to be in all your roles.
I am your connection to the unified whole."  

The voices have spoken, they have been heard.
The experiences have brought up the emotions stirred,
Seeing it’s all perfect, no need to be cured.
Living in love, allowing both voices their words. 

Repression silences the internal noise.
It doesn’t serve to suppress the voice.
Battle it or learn from it, it’s your choice.
Give them thanks, they maintained your poise.  

~ Angie Mammoliti

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