Some Are Intimidated by Your Light

Some feel threatened by your light and they feel cast in your shadow. They may respond to this by attacking you or retracting from you. It is your response to this that is the key in moving forward. Do you play small in order to maintain this relation to this individual? Or do you stay authentic to the real you and blast light ahead anyway? It is their 'stuff', their insecurities that create this retraction. The truth is found in your response of loving acceptance to what is, not to what you wish were. The powerlessness they may feel is their own soul agreement and by you being true to your beingness, you are assisting them by continuing to be you. If you feel compelled to share truth and be unconditionally loving in a world where few around you may be doing the same, that is when it is important to shine even brighter. You are being guided to be authentic, even when those around you have forgotten we really are this truth. They may have bought into this 3D reality, and they get caught up in the doing, living from a mind centred state instead of a heart centred way of being. That is fine, that is their choice. Stay true to the brilliance of authenticity and be you, regardless if you feel like the lone wolf. Soon enough the light will shine forth and the other wolves in your wolf pack will find you. Let live and let be those that feel threatened by your light, for their powerlessness they feel is their soul lesson. You came here to lead, so be grand in this light. Play big, do not stay small and shine on, regardless who is threatened by their self created shadowed state.

~Angie Mammoliti
kim camaccio
10/16/2012 06:23:36 pm

At my age these are true words, you just have to do what is right in your life and nothing or no one can take that away from you. People who cower down do nothing but that. When you do what instictly is you, you win. As long as I follow the belief that you do right by others I feel free for I believe in Karma. However, for those that wish the worst for me, I sing the song "Live and Let Die."

1/11/2013 04:47:31 pm

love what you write... ;-)


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