Who am I?

I looked back at my journey, looked back at my past. I smiled at how far I have come. I contemplated how much I have changed, how much I have grown, especially in the last several months. I saw a huge transformation. I have been peeling off the layers, removing the belief systems and purging the fears. Than all of the sudden, the reality of the individualized personality was felt. Than I thought to myself, who is left after all the layers has been removed? Who am I? Where has the personality of the ‘I’ gone? I began to contemplate this and a slight fear creped in. It felt as if there was a loss of identity. Initially I began to grasp at the sense of identity, began to panic as it slipped through my fingers. Who will I be if I loose who I thought I was? Then the ego raged on…"This is what it means when your friends have been saying to you lately that you have changed. They are right. Although I am happy with the changes, who am I now?” This all happened in a matter of a minute, while I sat their pondering. I then began to let go, let go of the fears, let go of the sense of self.

At first, there remained that slight feeling of loss of control and then what followed is best described as a sense of complete liberation. The individualized and compartmentalized of my personality was dying, I was letting it all go, freeing myself from my body, liberating my soul. I now asked, “Who am I?” I heard a response that was crystal clear, however this time; it was my authentic self that was answering, “I am that I am.” I knew this before, on both the mind and soul level. However, now it was felt with every fabric of my being. The oneness of us all was what was coursing through my veins. I am just that…I am that I am. I am meaning I exist in the moment, the I am presence of the present moment. I am by just being. I am that I am, I am another you. I am one with you; you and I are intertwined in a dance of oneness, an unconditional loving embrace where all personalities cease to exist. We are the quiet and serene dance of a complete whole, the exuberant and lively dance of the oneness. We are all, for I am that I am.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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