You Are All Powerful

A channel to the light, a beacon for the soul.
A pathway of consciousness that alleviates the toll.
A silence that awakens the stir of fire within.
The passion does run dry, it has not forsaken.
It makes one lose grip on reality they thought was true.
An awakened existence to our essence is new.
It guides one to the inner temple of light and love.
The temple many think exists up above.
Lose sight of the drama that they thought was real.
The belief systems of separation, the lies that they seal.
The silliness that occupies the thoughts and the time.
The delusions of the ego insults the soul, a crime.
Keep up the fight and the fire alive.
Do not drown in the floods, keep up the drive.
See beauty in experiences, the simplicity of life.
Let go of the pain, let go of the strife.
Be the peace that they seek, the love that you feel.
The stillness of life, the orb of steel.
Seek nothing for you are all, it lives within you.
Reawaken the truth, listen to the clues.

~ Angie Mammmoliti

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