Life is Like a Movie

We live in a movie like reality. Life is a projection and we are the viewers. We are able to see life in this way when we detach from the scenes, from the actors, and from the ending. Life almost has a dream like quality, a sense that this is not real. It is an illusion, a figment of the imagination. In essence what is the difference between the dream world and our so called ‘reality’?

The people in our life, including ourselves, can be compared to actors in a movie. We take upon roles, with our personalities depicted like characters that an actor plays. In each role, (each lifetime), the actor accumulates experiences and adds to their resume of roles. The important thing to remember is not to take things too seriously, for we are living in a movie, a projection of our personalities from the collective.  The role you have taken on is not the real you. You are really the soul embodying the actors’ body and this personality in that specific role that you chose. Our soul, what is behind this shell of an actor, is our true essence which is unconditional love. We came to this 3D world to experience, to take on different roles so we can grow, learn and play, to re remember the magnificent brilliance that is us: the ‘Source.’

The important thing to remember is to enjoy the role you took on. It’s like watching a movie and enjoying the movie in its totality...its humours scenes, its dramatic scenes, even the moments of horror…we can appreciate the movie for what it is…enjoyment. We do not become the movie, we are able to separate ourselves as the viewer and do not see the movie as reality. So why do we get caught up in our own ‘real life’ movies? We have forgotten that this is a ride, that this ‘role’ we have taken on is not the real us. We become engulfed in lifes’ dramas, and all the emotions that derive from them. To transcend this, we must observe the inner states that come from personal experiences, so that we can optimize our souls’ growth.

Life is like the actor’s role without separate writers scripting their part. You are your own writer and at the same time, you are the  main actor. You are your own director, your own producer and you are your own agent, co-creating your role with different souls (co - actors) in your personal film. Most of the time, we forget that we are playing a role in a movie, in a fictitious reality. We forget that we are the soul behind the actors’ role, which the actor is merely experiencing the ride. It is like taking on all the emotions of the role and identifying those emotions as yours. Many get bogged down with their role, forgetting to appreciate the experiences that role brings. We tend to forget to have fun with it, and remember the power behind the actor.

To succeed in your role, take the observer’s position. Study like you are the actor watching your own movie unfolding in front of you on a screen. Examine the inner states that arise when situations unfold. Watch your reactions to these states. Observe your actions with your co- actors in your life. Remember, you are your own agent, taking on roles, hiring other actors to play in your movie. You are the co-creator of your film, with other co-actors. Sometimes in the act of observing our film, we have the perspective that it now has taken a turn to a drama or a horror scene. We then can become fearful of the next scene ahead.  We are afraid to press play on the movie, always pressing pause on the remote controller, not wanting to fall out of control as the actor, forgetting that is just a role we are playing. By not allowing the scene to start or continue, you will not know how the scene will unfold. Press play on your movie! Press play no matter what scene is unfolding. Be fully present while in the moment, not worried about pressing rewind and stressing what happened in the previous scenes, or not worried about pressing fast forward, anxious what scenes are yet to come, missing the scenes that are unfolding in the now. Be here in the now! Play while you press that play button. Enjoy every scene, even what feels like dramatic or horror scenes for they make an interesting movie.

Take the time to press the pause button, to reflect on the scene that is happening. Slowly observe it all, in all its colourful compositions. Observe the inner states that arise especially during the challenging times. Refrain from pressing the exit or power off button and living life by merely going through the motions. What appears to be challenges, are simply scenes guiding you to the next scene, with valuable experiences and lessons along the way.

Most importantly, enjoy your film, enjoy playing your role. Always remember…this is just a movie, you are the magnificent actor in your autobiography, adding to future films (future lives) and you have accumulated many roles in the past (past lives). You are more than just this role…you are more than just the actor…you are the soul that has taken this role and this actor label in order to experience this movie. Might as well have fun while you are in it! 

~ Angie Mammoliti

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