New Agers? Truthers? or Just Being?

In a world where you are used to doing what you’re told.
We are infinite souls, we’ve become the buyers and the sold,
Do you succumb to the herd, or are you bold?
Are you a cookie cutter, or do you break the mold?

Do you hide behind sheets, sleeping thinking you're awake?
While the men behind curtains pull strings, and you take,
What they feed you, not questioning that it is fake,
Burying your head in the sand for your ego's sake?

And do you pay lip service to the words love and light?
While ignoring the truths that are in plain sight,
In order to protect your fear that just might,
Hold onto beliefs, ego grips them so tight?

Or do you become consumed with truths that you hear?
Being angry, judgemental, caught up in the fear,
Letting yourself  be engulfed in all you hold dear,
Viewing systems with panic, thinking the end is near?

And do you question one system while excusing another?
Viewing religion as a belief exempt from all others,
Not seeing that we can love all just like one loves their mother,
Confusing love with attachment, the affection that smothers?

Let's open up to the beauty, the authenticity inside.
Feel the loving caress of the overflowing glide,
The true essence when we see this is just a ride.
See with awakened eyes, let the doubts slide.

~ Angie Mammoliti
1/25/2012 07:42:39 am

This is awesome! You guys are doing so well with this blog, very proud of you two!

1/25/2012 08:54:11 am

Thank you so much for your support <3!!! We owe you! xo

1/29/2012 06:22:20 pm

thank you for putting your thoughts out here


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