We Are Connected

We are under an illusion that the strings of love have been severed. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to view those strings from another angle in order to see the truth...that the strings were never severed, it was a delusion of the mind. The strings of love have always been connected, for they never broke. We are all connected to each other through our strings, in a beautiful symphony of love. We sometimes forget this truth when we look at ourselves as a separate instrument.

Next time your deafened by the silence of your own violin, pick it up and remember that you are a beautiful tone, in the orchestra of souls. I still hear you. Question is, do you hear yourself? Do you see yourself as separate from the band? The band would not be complete without your instrument for you are the band. We are all One.  Rock on my beautiful strings :)

 ~ Angie Mammoliti

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