Who We Mourn 

We live in a world where some ‘mourn’ the loss of souls in which they feel they have benefited from. Some pay no mind to the ‘disposable’ ones…the poor, the desolate, the ones that when passed on the street those eyes lower to avoid looking into the windows of their soul. This matrix has created such programs in which we sensationalize the sensational, while becoming desensitized to the real issues at hand. This is done on purpose to continue to keep the individual locked into a lower vibration, to dim our powerful shining light. To separate us from who we think we are(the ego) and who we really are(beautiful souls) People line up for the new Iphone, while others are banning together and representing the 99% at “Occupy”. We are taught to consume, but how much of this is necessary? What point do we say, “This is not our true authentic unconditionally loving state.” What point do we say, “ENOUGH!” The question is, do you remember the soul for who they were in their true authentic state, or do you mourn them for how they benefited you? The choice is yours.

~ Angie Mammoliti

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