Love Is All There Is

is all there is. Period.
else is an aspect of the ego.
is not real/ its been taught to us as such so that is what we believe…FEAR... false
evidence appearing real.
can move you to new heights when you
thought you couldn't move.
can lead you to the top when you follow your clues.
lives in you…have you listened to its calling?
speaks to you when you are quiet to listen. Listen to its voice…how soothing is
it? Trust it. It does not wish to harm you. Sit in its vulnerability…it's
fine to be open. If others hurt you that' s fine…you were being authentic and
that is what we are designed to do…be open and honest…not closed and careful.

Love that part of you that can
reach others by a smile, a thought, a touch. That is who we really are. When we
send it to others it is felt..energetically. They feel it when they are open
They can feel what you give when it is given without worries of
how it will be received. It is felt in its totality, in its genuine concern and
well being for the other.
peace, be love. Be that state that you are already, that you may have forgotten
because we get trapped in the mind. Break free of the programs of separation
and reclaim your authenticity back. Reclaim your power of love. 

do you fear love? How can you fear what you are? It is not to be feared. It is a
genuine state of our essence. Fearing love is denying the beauty
of the universe that dwells within you. It insults the fabric of you being, it
hurts the soul. Have no fear! Love as if you were born again…seeing the world
through the eyes of innocence…before the perceived hurts of the other.
Love that part of you that exists in the person that ‘harms you’ for they
provide you with the gift to see what you still hold onto. They would not be
performing this role of pain in your life if you did not agree to it on a soul
level, in order for you to clear belief systems.
the all…love the parts…love the individual…it is all one in the same, it is all

Love the aspect of you that
resides in the other. Do you see them as you? Shift the vision and see the
truth…they are you. That is something isn't it? When you realize that
the other is you. How beautiful is that? That is a gift in itself. This world is
a gift when we see that others are an aspect of us. We are playing with
ourselves. (pause for a dirty innuendo laugh) We are playing
with other ‘me’s in this experiment called life. It is enlightening to watch all
of humanity playing games with one another, getting so caught up in all the
rules and aspects of the game…playing so seriously and forgetting the truth…that
we are in a game! They play so much yet they forget that this is a game! WOW,
how?? By believing all that we have been taught is real. By abiding by society's
claim that to know the world, we must listen to the other, follow the rules and
follow powers outside of us that are proclaimed to be bigger than us. How can
anything be more powerful that the isness that is us? If we were taught from a
child that all that we need to know is found when we connect to our higher self
and listen to our intuition…the game plan would
be switched. Not only
would we remember the truth that we are playing a game, the game plan would
flip. The power of the outer would be returned to the inner. This is why the
systems want you to forget. They want you to play a game you don’t know you’re
in so they can guide your piece on the board game. So now, did you remember that
you are in a game? Then switch up the game plan and take your power back. Be the
love that they fear.

~ Angie Mammoliti

Guide, but Do Not Carry

As you walk along the path of light, some may attempt to walk along with you. As they walk, they may see that the inner path is harder then they first thought. Refrain from wanting to carry them on the inner road. It is their path to walk. You can guide them, you can nudge to the way, but it is their path. If in fear they run away from the road, refrain from following them. When and if they are meant to walk again on the path they will. It is their journey. With love, we allow them to walk it the bumpy off beat road they may take. Just continue to blaze ahead. You may not know, but by the sheer fact of walking in light, you are leaving markers for people to follow. You are leaving footprints for them to be guided with. The path is illuminated by your light. Take flight. Spread your wings and those that are meant to, will fly with you.

You cannot save people. Some will seek to be saved by those with open hearts and open minds. Refrain from being open to their victim hood. You can guide, with love. You can show them the possible way to healing, but you cannot carry them. For people to be saved, they need to primarily see, there is nothing to be saved from. It is all an illusion. Then, if they wish to perceive the truth, that they... ...are seeking a healing, then they must turn inside and tune in to their higher self. Then, they will let go of their victim mentality when they see...they chose this all...on a soul level. It is their mind and attachment to others that seek a sense of salvation from their self proclaimed victim hood. Be the love and if they follow, than that is their choice. If not, allow them to walk their path until if and when they realize shifting their perspective gains them the freedom they are seeking.

~ Angie Mammoliti

Calling All Spiritual Warriors, The Time is Now

The earth is on fire, no one can save it but you.
Show the world the fire burns in you too.
They believe all that they are taught is true.
Alleviate their pain, show them what they can do.
They are the leaders and fighters of the world that’s new.
They can bring love into this world once they follow the clues.

Be their guide and show the truth in the red pill.
Teach them that love can flow onto others and spill.
Let be the things in your life that left a chill.
Reminding how strong and admirable is their will.
The enlightenment they seek is not found on that hill.
It’s found by unravelling untruths that they kill.

Love them, they’re the ones that will be the makers,
They will be the changers, and the shakers.
They think out of the box, they’re the rule breakers,
Punished for being themselves, not adhering to fakers,
Their soul roams free upon the acres.
Living by impulse, not following the takers.

It’s time to rise above all that’s left to combust.
No longer just thinking of change, now change is a must.
By warrior creed, defending all that’s just,
Complete the target of life and learn to adjust.
Alcamize unconditional love that was once lust,
Becoming the glistening gold from what was once dust.

Remember to shine through this and be that love.
It’s that love that guides them from up above.
The inner peace that’s symbolized by the dove,
Some can be reminded; others need a bit of a shove,
Some will box right beside you, others need kid gloves.
This is what spiritual warriors are made of.

Their stir for change that some reprimand,
This courage to be authentic is grand.
It’s time to wake up and reclaim the land.
This is the time to rise and to take a stand.
Lead by leaving your footprints in the sand.
Let’s make a new world, raise voices and hands.

~ Angie Mammoliti

Soul Reminder, Faith of Your Being

Feeling like your drowning in your stew.
Just when you thought your soul gave up on what it's to do.
A renewed faith finds its love in you.
Reminding that the pen is in our hands, this is what we drew.
The soul sends signs, through synchronicities, the clues.
It stirs up the excitement, it shines your light through.
It reminds one of the love that unites us is true.
Through this agreement, by your being, my heart grew.
For this I send my loving gratitude, thank you.
No longer  a caterpillar, now a butterfly...We flew!

~Angie Mammoliti

Let Your Perseverance Shine

You can either give up and submit,
Or you can be strong and commit.
So if you can let it be and live it,
You can push it to another limit.
This is what the structures omit:
They do not tell you the bright light you emit.
So blast your light, love, and peace...retransmit.
~ Angie Mammoliti